Dog nutrition for working breeds

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April 17, 2017

Dog nutrition for working breeds

Pitbull XXL for Sale

Pitbull bully XL is a type of Bully breed that is characterized by being taller. These dogs are known as working or high performance breeds of dogs. Working breeds and high performance dog breeds need special diets because they work and act different than other dog breeds. They need special diets that are full of nutritional elements that would keep them going. These dogs need high calories intake about 10,000 calories per day to keep on going and racing. Without a diet that is rich in nutrients, these dogs will fall sick.

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Some myths and facts about XXl Pitbull:

Below are some myths related to Pitbull bully XL that some owners are confused about:

  1. They have locking jaws:

The truth is that these dogs don’t have locking features or mechanisms that will allow them to lock on things and never let them go. But these dogs are really dominant and when they hold on to something they become very enthusiastic and this might be the reason why they seem to hold on to things and not let them do.


  1. A dog that is aggressive with other dogs will also be aggressive towards humans:

Pitbulls are actually some of the most lovable and loyal dogs and they make great companions to human kids and adults. These dogs are loyal and love to play and unless they have been brought up in a very bad way where they were trained to attack humans they will be the best dogs to have around the house. Dog to dog aggression is another story that involves competition between dogs and doesn’t necessarily mean that dogs are meant to attack.

When you choose to bring a Pitbull bully XL home, you have to pay attention to some tips that will help your dog stay healthy and will ensure that you have a happy and healthy companion for you and your family:

Taking care of your XXl Pitbull health:

If you have brought in a puppy you must make sure that you are giving it the proper vaccinations. If you have an adult Pitbull bully Xl then you must make sure that it has a comprehensive health check at least once a year. It is important to make sure that your Pitbull is free from worms after taking him to the vet.


XXl Pitbull and skeletal diseases:

Pitbull have special needs when it comes to their nutrition otherwise they would face a lot of health problems and conditions that would affect their development. XXL Pibulls have special requirements in their nutrients but too much even of these beneficial nutrients can cause skeletal diseases in large working breeds. Excessive nutrition can cause many health problems that are not less dangerous than the lack of nutrition for high performance and working breeds.

Pitbull XXL for Sale

Protein requirements for XXL Pitbulls:

High content of protein in pitbull diets contribute to hip dysplasia in working breeds and this leads to the promotion of high carbohydrate diets that contain a lot of grains and are not suitable for Pitbull bully XL. The truth is that working breeds like Pitbull bully XL need a diet that is rich in high quality protein. You should always look for food that has a protein content of 30% to 40%. If the food is given is puppies then the amount of proteins should be a little bit less because puppies don’t utilize proteins as much as big and adult dogs do. Dogs will require more fat intake than carbohydrates to keep going. These dogs will travel great distances and at great speeds and they need the food that will keep them going.

Can overfeeding harm my working XXL Pitbull?

Overfeeding harms high performance dogs because they get excessive nutrients that actually accumulate in their bodies and deprive them from staying healthy. Avoid giving your Pitbull bully XL too many treats because just like human treats they will be rich in fats and salt and they will damage your working dog’s original diet and calories intake.

What to consider when you are training your Pitbull bully XL:

These are some of the important tips that will help you while training your Pitbull bully Xl:

  • Teach your dog to listen to your commands. This will involve simple and play related commands and are very important especially when you are dealing with a dog that has a dominant character. Make your tone firm and focus on teaching your dog to recognize your voice.
  • Use treats as a method to teach your dog to listen to your orders. Reinforce good behavior with rewards and don’t use punishment to help your dog stay away from bad behavior because this will cause problems.
  • Make walking time a special time for your dog in order to socialize with other dogs and people outside your family. Remember that Pitbull bully Xl dogs are very social and want to play around. They just need the proper guidance.


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